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You Come First
We treat each client as if you were our only client. Our approach keeps the bride and groom at the center of attention. This is your special day - you tell us your expectations. We can begin by creating an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, then move toward high energy and excitement.

All of our staff will be properly attired in basic black tuxedos unless otherwise told. We never display any type of promotional banner. We don't hang disco balls and spotlights or tacky little "Radio Shack" lighting rigs. All of our equipment is road cased to provide a neat, clean set-up and to protect it from undue wear and tear.

No surprises on your wedding day! We arrive at least one hour before each event to begin our set-up. Backup equipment and staff are on standby should the need arise (in which case would be rare). We have performed everywhere from the area's finest establishments to your neighbors' back yards. No matter what size or style event, we promise you on-time, well-mannered professional service.

We take great pride in maintaining professional standards. We guarantee that we will never invite anyone to "crash" your event to "check-out" our staff. If that is a condition insisted on before being hired, we will not work with that client. Many banquet halls forbid this practice. It is our policy to meet with clients on an individual basis or invite you to attend a bridal showcase and meet our entire staff.

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