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“Kevin - We just wanted to thank you for such a great job at the wedding. We hope you use us as a reference, because we have nothing but great things to say about the job you did. My grandmother, my parents, my friends, and Sara and I all thought the music was great, and it’s not an easy task to make that many people happy. A lot of our guests were from NJ and NY, and are used to dancing in between courses. However, they all thought the way you emceed the night was much better. A lot of people have mentioned to us that they never saw a wedding where so many people were dancing all night long. Everyone loved your music selection. Everyone said that the volume was just right. A lot of people also said you were the best DJ they ever heard. They said a lot of DJ's try to make themselves part of the wedding, and you didn’t. Everyone said that you honored their requests for songs. Anyway, we could go on even further. Long story short, the job you did was perfect and we couldn't be any happier with your service. Sara will also be giving you an A+ on your vendor review on several wedding message boards. Please use us as a reference and thank you again.” --- Steve & Sara Vecchione

“Kevin - Thank you and everything was great! We really appreciate all your work and were very impressed with everything. Your knowledge of how we wanted the evening to go (Play lists, handling requests, etc) and then integrating that with little changes along the way was as smooth as can be. Of course we heard plenty of compliments from our guest how good the DJ was and how much fun the music made the night (my Niece who was bouncing around the dance floor slept very late the next day).” --- Adam & Jen Sugarman


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